Princess of Wales Hospital   Wales  UK


   Entrance foyer Art Works:  David Pearl




                                                                          curved glass screen, frit enamel silk screen printed



                                                             To enter a hospital, more than any other public building, is to feel yourself in the presence of a question mark.

Questions, especially questions without obvious answers, might be thought to be unsettling,

but it is possible that a certain kind of questioning might propose affirmation and wonderment.

If not indeed, amusement


                                                                          Wall mounted 19 mm glass planks, sandblasted with a text in English and Welsh by Nigel Jenkins.

The hospital's visitors and patients walking the corridor encounter a series of statements and questions

projected as shadows onto the wall,

celebrating the mysteries and wonders of the body.



                                   Beth yw'r mater...heblaw mater


                                                                               And if our blood remembers the sea...


                                                                                         Do you listen in your blood to the song of our sphere




                                           Is it lonely down there at the big toe....


vessel and witness of the vastitudes....  


                                                                                                                                   I crumble to a fine invisible dust





all images copyright David Pearl



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